Following suit from Chapter 1 – The Hierarchy of Images and Chapter 2 – The Conflict of Images, Chapter 3 – The Control of Images acts as a catalogue and a collection of essays emerging from the exhibitions that Nicolò Degiorgis and Sabine Gamper curated at foto-forum (Bolzano/Bozen), presenting the works of Anouk Kruithof, Julian Röder and Jules Spinatsch.

Chapter 3 – The Control of Images writes the closing chapter of a trilogy devoted to the role and norms of contemporary documentary photography. Moving from the assumption that permanent surveillance in present-day society has been normalised on a global scale, the volume seeks to detect recurring patterns of behaviour in the artistic response to the ineluctable technological slavery to which we are all subject. By focusing on the work of Anouk Kruithof, Julian Röder and Jules Spinatsch, The Control of Images aims to understand whether documentary photography stands in such a stead as to be able to critically engage with the mechanics of today’s surveillance methods without renouncing its artistic élan.