Blue as Gold offers an artist’s book response to the issue of migration. Alternating gold and blue sheets of paper in between which float loose, small-scale photographs of migrant boats crossing the sea, the volume prompts a reflection on the frailty of human life beyond the time- and place-specific circumstances depicted in the book.

Precisely because taken from the web rather than shot in the original, the images of migrants aboard boats directed towards the coasts of Europe emphasise the anonymity of the individuals depicted by turning a case study into a universal portrait of human beings on the pursuit of their version of a self, a state and a sense. At the same time, being extremely easily retrievable, these same images make it clear how easy it is to ignore what lies in the open.

Blue as Gold leaves its conclusions as open-ended as the stretch of sea between any two lands. The aim is to trigger a response with regards to a pressing matter whilst expanding the focus on the issue beyond mere documentation.