Lo sceriffo e la moschea itinerante (The Sheriff and the Travelling Mosque) is a project that regards the Islamic community in Treviso and in particular the difficulties it faces in trying to find a place of worship. The project takes the form of images and articles from the local newspaper La Tribuna di Treviso, as well as an audio track. It is also presented in installation form: sheets of paper bearing what look like notes, pinned to a large cork noticeboard.

Book details

Photographer: Nicoló Degiorgis
Design: Nicoló Degiorgis
Format: 128 pages, soft cover, 16x24cm
First edition
ISBN: 978-88-94881-00-4
Publication date: May 2017
Photographer's website: www.nicolodegiorgis.com

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Publishing date: 05.2017

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