The city of Venice was founded in the 5th century and spread over 118 small islands. It is worldwide-known for its blend of historical palaces, bridges, squares and local artisan shops. At the far ends of the city one can chance upon a different world ruled by seawater, strands, animals and plants. All together they constitute a unique and fragile ecosystem which past industrial developments and current increase of tourism are seriously putting at risk. Venice and its Lagoon - one of the biggest and most important in the Mediterranean - was declared world heritage site by UNESCO and still remains off touristic routes. Uninhabited islands, small watercrafts, piers, harbours and fishing infrastructures merge with the natural environment and extreme conditions man has to face in this very special place. With this project Nicolò Degiorgis aimes to pay homage to the city of Venice and draw our attention towards its controversies.
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Author: Nicoló Degiorgis
Design: Nicoló Degiorgis
Format: booklet of 22 postcards, softcover, 14x9cm
First edition of 500
Publication date: September 2014
ISBN: 9788890981722
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Publishing date: 09.2014

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