Heimat is a German word that does not translate directly into any other language. It describes a feeling of belonging in a local, social, cultural and geographical context. 

Thaught as Heimatkunde in German speaking elementary schools in South tyrol until the beginning of the 90s, the subject explores every child's world starting with the individual, expanding to the family, friends, classroom, social structure and immediate geography up to the enviroment, animals and plants, and local history.

Heimatkund has been realized in collaboration with Degiorgis' school-teacher Christine Frenes, and is composed of the Heimakunde Journal Nicolò Degiorgis made himself between the age of 8 and 10. The book is an invitation to map your own geographical and conceptual elements of the place we live in, creating a personal, multi-layerded vision of our local dimension.

Book details

Authors: Nicoló Degiorgis, Christine Frenes
Thanks to: Michele Degiorgis, Christiane Prader
Scanning and Post-production: Elisa Cappellari, Nicoló Degiorgis
Color adjustments: Walter Hutton
Format: 340 pages, softcover, 16x24cm
Printing: Grafiche Antiga, Treviso
Published by: Rorhof
ISBN: 9788894881004

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Publishing date: 01.2017

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35,00 EUR