Yokota's and Pinckers' Floating Worlds is a catalogue for an exhibition curated by Nicoló Degiorgis at fotoforum Gallery, Bolzano/Bozen, Italy, in May 2016.

The exhibition brings together Yokota’s Linger and Pinckers’ Two Kinds of Memory and Memory Itself, and is translated into a book by showing a selection of installation views. It is printed in two separate, but interwoven parts, held together by pages folded alternately into each other (presented in wrapping paper with a red handprinted linocut title block).

The concept for the exhibition was based on giving both artists the same amount and type of paper for their prints and an equal amount of wood for their respective exhibition structures. The photographs of each artist were printed on opposite fibre directions, allowing the presentation of the images to be determined by the curling of the prints. Max Pinckers’ work was mounted vertically, while Daisuke Yokota’s prints were suspended horizontally. No nails or adhesives were used in the exhibition.

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Book details

Curated by: Nicolò Degiorgis
Text by: Colin Pantall
Designed by: Nicolò Degiorgis
Edited by: foto-forum
Printed by: Longo, Bolzano/Bozen
Format: Two books, 44 pages each, softcover, 16x24cm
Publication date: May 2016
Published by: RORHOF & Lyre Press
ISBN: 9788890981791

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Publishing date: 07.2016

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35,00 EUR