"Chapter 1 - The Hierarchy of Images " is meant to be the first chapter of a comprehensive catalogue that critically engages with the cultural norms of documentary photography . 
It launches a new project series curated by Sabine Gamper and Nicoló Degiorgis at gallery foto-forum (Bolzano/Bozen, Italy) by presenting, over the course of two years, the work of outstanding exponents from the field.  
Through the photographic works of Joachim Schmid, Mishka Henner and Tobias Zilony, introduced respectively by Garry Badger, Marco Bohr and Seraphine Meya, the catalogue critically explores the issue of hierarchy within the manifold practice of contemporary documentary photography. 
Using the work of these three photographers, the curators aim to demonstrate how hierarchical structures intrinsic to documentary photography can be reflected in different ways by means of critical and sometimes subversive methodologies.

Book details

Authors: Joachim Schmid, Mishka Henner, Tobias Zilony
Curated by: Sabine Gamper and Nicoló Degiorgis
Essays by: Gerry Badger, Marco Bohr and Seraphine Meya
Edited by: foto-forum
Published by: Rorhof
Layout by: Nicoló Degiorgis and Katherina Kolakowski
Translation: Rossella Martini and Daniel Falb
Format: 124 pages, softcover, 16x24cm
Edition of 300
Publication date: December 2014

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Publishing date: 12.2014

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