Floating Worlds is a companion catalogue to the exhibition that Nicolò Degiorgis co-curated at foto forum gallery in Bolzano/Bozen in 2016. The show brought together the work of artists Daisuke Yokota and Max Pinckers on Japan. The book couches the reflection on the representational capacity of the photographic medium central to the show in the pages of the volume, inviting the reader to take away and add layers of meaning throughout the reading experience.

Yokota’s work on the human body relies on the superimposition of layers to thicken a discourse on meaning, memory and visual history as these relate to photography. Pinckers reflects on the generic nature of documentary photography and asks why we see things the way that we do, or rather how we got there. Floating Worlds aims to contribute both an artistic and a documentary reflection on the multilayered nature of photography as a medium, on the photographic book as a message, and on the interplay between horizontality and verticality.




Curation: Nicolò Degiorgis and Sabine Gamper
Publishing: RORHOF & Lyre Press
Editing: foto-forum
Foreword: Colin Pantall
Date of publication:  2016
Edition: 1000 copies (1st edition)
Binding: softcover (two volumes)
Pages: 44 (each volume)
Size: 16 x 24 cm
ISBN: 9788890981791