‘Heimat’ is a German word that does not translate directly into any other language. It is descriptive of a feeling of belonging to a local, social, cultural and geographical context. The object of a school subject called ‘Heimatkunde’, the very concept of ‘Heimat’ was explored in German-speaking South Tyrolean primary institutions until the beginning of the 1990s. Children were invited to explore all the different layers of their world: from their individual self to their family, friends, classroom and community passing through the geography of their region, including the animals and plants present in it, only to end with the overarching history of the place. Heimatkunde reproposes the schoolbook that Nicolò Degiorgis produced during his school years under the guidance of his teacher Christine Frenes between the age of 8 and 10. The volume invites its readers to re-produce a similar book for themselves, mapping the material and conceptual dimensions of their lives by taking account of their multifacetedness.