Eurotunnel Exhibition IICP Paris

April is approaching and with it many new projects: one of which is the exhibition Eurotunnel which was created during Nicolò´s one-month residency at the Istituto Italiano di Cultur...

PEAK 3rd edition

Spring is on its way, and so is a new book: The second edition of Peak, which is part of the project Hämatli & Patriae, will be published soon. You can find it exhibited in two different loca...

Foam Talent´s exhibition - New York

As a winner of Foam Talent 2016 with his project Hidden Islam, Nicoló Degiorgis will be part of the Foam Talent Exhibition, a group exhibition that brings together 24 innovative image make...

Reproduce reality - The eye of the photographer and the writer

Talk between Nicolò Degiorgis & Paolo Rumiz.  What is the view on the world in photography? How does it interprets, describes and represents the world around us? And how does the...


From the 23.02 - 26.02 Rorhof will be at the Art Book Fair in Los Angeles for his first time.    Printed Matters L.A.  

Rorhof on Instagram

Rorhof activated recently his Instagram channel: rorhof1468. To be always up to date with our new projects and ideas, keep on looking.

Nicolò Degiorgis guest curator 2017 at Museion Bolzano

Nicolò Degiorgis is to follow in the footsteps of Rein Wolfs, Carol Yinghua Lu with Liu Ding, Pierre Bal-Blanc and Francesco Vezzoli as the next guest curator at Museion. His show is ...